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May 2019: SMS Athena SWAN presents: Prof Tom Welton OBE on ‘Going for Gold’

The School of Medical Sciences is delighted that Professor Tom Welton, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College London, will deliver our 2019 Athena SWAN Lecture ‘Going for Gold’ in a joint meeting with the Athena SWAN teams from SHS and SBS (FBMH).

At this event Professor Welton will discuss diversity and inclusivity in academia and the work done at Imperial, drawing on many examples from his personal experience with Athena SWAN. The audience will be actively involved in the discussion, and encouraged to bring their own experiences and ideas and steer the conversation into the areas that are most important to them.

May 2019: Inspirational Women Lecture Series – Professor Jane Cummings CBE

The Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health is delighted to welcome Professor Jane Cummings CBE, previously Chief Nursing Officer for England, as key note speaker as part of the ‘Inspirational Women’ lecture series.

March 2019: International Women’s Day 2019

How will you better the gender balance?

This was this was the take home message throughout March as the Faculty rang in International Women’s Day with a series of talks and workshops on gender equality.

Dr Jess Wade, early career researcher from Imperial and avid campaigner for equality, delivered a key note speech, rallying over 400 attendees to make changes to advance gender equality. It was a frank reminder that the world is very biased, but we can all do something (however small) to drive equality forward. Attendees demonstrated this through joining the campaign to #EndPeriodPoverty; donating hundreds of boxes of tampons and sanitary towels for the local foodbank Emmeline’s Pantry, for vulnerable women in Manchester.

On the day itself, a panel of speakers discussed being women in STEM, and how best to combat inequality in the workplace. Male allies were highlighted as essential to progress, but not forgetting a crucial way to better the balance; women supporting other women.

Three workshops followed these talks, led by each of the three schools of FBMH:

Work/life balance: Maintaining a good work/life balance is essential to women’s career progression. A group of experts from the University advised on how they best achieve a good work/life balance, with top tips including not over-committing yourself: prioritise the important meetings and block out your time (pretend you’re in London!).

Women and Wikipedia: Two women, Carol Ann Whitehead FRSA and Dr Mary Tully, took to the floor to discuss their Northern Power Women award-nominated work, and encourage attendees to take to their keyboards to remedy the gender bias on Wikipedia.

Mentoring: what’s in it for me?: Prof Stephanie Marshall from Queen Mary University of London, previously the Chief Executive Officer of the Higher Education Academy, chaired a panel discussion on the benefits of mentoring, motivating attendees to learn from their role models, and always support others.

The month was a wakeup call that we all need to work together to overcome inequality. Whether through donating sanitary products, mentoring others or even just sending out emails to speak out against gender inequality; what can you do to better the gender balance?

Join a women’s network: Women in BMH, Women in Cancer, and Women in Physics

Donate to a women’s charity: Emmeline’s Pantry, Women’s Aid and Refuge

Get involved with mentoring: Manchester Gold

March 2018

Over 400 people attended our Women in Science celebration 2018: ‘Accelerating Gender Parity’

The Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health in collaboration with the University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University celebrated International Women’s Day 2018 on Monday 5th March.

Angela Saini, the award winning British scientist and author, visited the University of Manchester to give a public talk, as part of our International Women’s Day celebrations. Angela to discuss her recently published book ‘Inferior – How Science Got Women Wrong – and the New Research That’s Rewriting the Story’, the themes it explores and what they mean for women.

We then ran three well-attended workshops

Workshop 1 – Sexual harassment in the workplace

Workshop 2 – Personal impact

Workshop 3 – Resilience

Inspirational Women Lecture Series

The Women in BMH Network are pleased to announce the Inspirational Women Lecture Series. The lunchtime sessions promise to be informal, interactive and engaging. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn from experts by hearing their stories, with plenty of time for Q&As.

22 June 2017 – 12:30-1:30pm, G33 Williamson Building

The inaugural Inspirational Women Lecture Series will be taken by Geraldine Murphy, the Leo Pharma MD for UK and Ireland. To register for this event, email with the heading ‘Inspirational Lecture 22nd June’


Personal Impact and Confidence workshops

June 2017 The Women in Biology, Medicine and Health (WiBMH) and Women in Cancer (WiC) Networks in FBMH are co-hosting two workshops for BMH staff run by two external trainers, Val Sampson and Jacqui Marson.

This interactive workshop is designed for people who want to explore practical and effective ways to build positive relationships with crucial groups and individuals, and to communicate with confidence in the workplace. For more information and to register your place, follow the link.

This event is now fully booked, including the Eventbrite waitlist. Keep an eye on the waitlist to see if any spots become available. Please note: we hope to run the sessions again in the year.

8th March 2017 – Women in Science celebration 2017: ‘Engendering Change’ 

To mark International Women’s Day (March 8th) this year, we organised a programme designed to provide a platform for Women in Science and Engineering.

IWD is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.  The Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health marked the day with an afternoon of activities with guest speakers including Susan Oliver RN FRCN, MSc, OBE, Nurse Consultant in Rheumatology and Professor Maureen Baker CBE FRCGP, Immediate past Chair of Council, Royal College of General Practitioners we panel discussions (one of which is student-led).

6th March 2017 – Katharine Perera Women in Leadership Annual lecture

Lorna Fitzsimons, Co-founder and CEO, The Pipeline, which focuses on the development of executive female talent, delivered an inaugural Katharine Perera Women in Leadership Annual Lecture.

Lorna probed and challenged the audience on why there are so few women at the top, why it matters and what we can do about it.  With her direct approach of myth busting and truth telling we left feeling energised and inspired.

2nd March 2017 – Exploding Women Comedy Event

The BSL interpreted event aimed to bring together different communities and audiences, Manchester Histories in collaboration with comedy duo LipService, explode the myth of women in science, exploring the lives of five of Manchester’s most influential female scientists 5.30 – 7pm in the 1SUGT Annexe, Stopford Building.

Manchester’s annual feminist festival. From 2-12 March 2017, we celebrated the women’s movement born in our city through a radical programme of cultural events, asking how far we’ve come in 100 years – and how far we have yet to go

17th January 2017 – Direction of ‘Women in BMH in 2017’ discussion

With the faculty restructure, we discussed translating the invaluable Women in Life Sciences (WiLS) group into a new Women in Biology, Medicine and Health (WiBMH) group. We arranged a meeting on Tuesday 17 January, 12-1pm in  AV Hill 1.006 and discussed ideas to take the group from strength to strength.


8th March 2016Women in Science Conference 2016

To mark International Women’s Day (March 8th) this year, we organised a programme designed to provide a platform for Women in Science and Engineering.


November 9th – Kay Gammie the content developer for pop-up science festivals from the Museum of Science & Industry, is visiting this general WiLS meeting to discuss ideas for events which may attract/encourage more girls and women to go to science festivals.

November 25th – talk Suzy Firkin Development Director of WISE “Career progression for Women in Science”,

Suzy will talk about the things that can really make a difference to women and their careers in STEM and how WISE can provide support and advice throughout the whole career lifecycle, relevant to – students, researchers and teaching staff. (Suzy is a chartered chemical engineer by profession who has worked in corporate life, run her own consultancy business and now works as Development Director at WISE to ensure that even more women get to experience a full and satisfying career in science and engineering

September 18thBuilding resilience 1 day workshop  – to develop resilience strategies and techniques to manage stress and pressure, Led by Tom Turner from ‘The Psychology Team’  (

March  – WiLS ran a series of events in FLS to mark International Womens Day,  this included an FLS undergraduate-led photoproject (Christina Mott,  Shi Yu (Arthur), Cecil Barnett-Neefs, and Chen Xin En (Felicia)), University of Manchester debating society event, and a visit from the Worm Wagon to the Stopford builsing


October 3rd General meeting – Athena SWAN

September, 11th  ‘Having difficult conversations’ (workshop led by the FLS Staff Development Adviser, Sandra Booth)

To discuss the importance of planning for difficult conversations and to develop strategies to handle a range of situations assertively. The workshop will cover topic such as:

  • Escalators – the things that cause conflict
  • The three key preparation questions
  • Opening the conversation
  • Finding ways to express yourself without attributing blame
  • Asking the right question
  • Handling defensive reactions.

September, 3rd, talk Dr Elizabeth Seston, FMHS, University of Manchester

To discuss a UMRI fuded project entitled: Women in science: characterising and understanding the gendered nature of scientific leadership.  The project uses qualitative data from interviews with ~20 female professors working in three science-based faculties to explore whether female leaders experience any particular challenges in their role in their particular organisational setting.

April 7th,  Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshop (led by the FLS Staff Development Adviser, Sandra Booth)

The MBTI is a psychometric instrument which measures individual preferences relating to how people perceive the world and make decisions. You will complete an MBTI which will be scored so you can identify your own personal ‘type’ ahead of the workshop.During the workshop you will learn about the MBTI, how you can use the information and how ‘Type’ impacts on your working relationships


June 11th, Parenthood ‘open meeting’

In FLS to discuss maternity/paternity leave and support requirements on return to work, flexible working – content to be informed by questionnaire/feedback.

January 17th,  Personal Impact and Confidence half day workshop (led by Val Sampson and Jacqui Marson)

This interactive workshop is aimed at developing self-awareness, confidence and the ability to positively influence others. By the end of the half-day workshop, participants will:

  • Better understand their strengths and find it easier to access them when faced with challenging situations
  • Have insight into less helpful strategies that may have held them back in the past
  • Be able to communicate more effectively at meetings, using techniques to deal with any anxiety
  • Have greater understanding of positive ways to increase their personal impact on others
  • Have practiced maximising impact with others in a supportive learning environment

January 21st, Action Learning workshop (led by Malcolm Hurrell)

A half-day workshop to introduce the concept and process of Action Learning, a structured process of questioning used by small groups who are prepared to commit to each other’s development over a period of time.

Throughout 2013,  Individual coaching programme

Working one-to-one with a coach enables you to access your best thinking, problem-solve creatively and achieve short, medium and long-term goals at work. A coach won’t tell you what to do or offer advice. But he or she will ask challenging questions to stretch your thinking, offer useful information if that’s appropriate, and support you to focus on what really matters.  This coaching programme will consist of 3 two-hour meetings (usually at monthly intervals) supported by two telephone coaching sessions. To get the most out of coaching, be prepared to think hard, reflect on your own actions as well as those of others and fully commit to the process.  Places limited (but also see STDU for individual places)


December 18th,  Coaching for Leadership – a six-month Programme (led by Malcolm Hurrell)

Coaching has been found to be a critical skill for leaders and provides a climate where colleagues are both challenged and supported to deepen their thinking and develop clear commitment to action. Working as a group of 9 or 12 colleagues you will learn about, and build capability to use coaching within a leadership role. This will take place over a 6-8 month period (following an initial one day introduction workshop there will be 5 further half day workshops). This programme requires a full commitment to all workshops and to developing coaching capability through active practice and reflection between workshops.

November 28th talk Professor Athene Donald, DBE FRS, University of Cambridge

Talk entitled ‘Uncertainty isn’t terminal’. Professor Donald is very active around Women in Science issues and a frequent blogger on the subject (see: Recent topics include ‘Broadening Horizons’, ‘Why is it Different for Girls?’ ‘Leadership, Management and Role Models’ ‘Jobsworthiness and Horror Stories in Equality’). She is Director of the University’s Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Initiative, the University of Cambridge’s Gender Equality Champion, chair of the national Athena Forum and has won many awards.

Earlier meetings

CV mentoring session

Probation/promotion workshops

A session led by Professor Katharine Perera on language and behaviour patterns in the workplace

Workshop on Neurolinguistic Programming, to enhance awareness of learning styles and the behaviour patterns of ourselves and others.

A “Case Study” workshop composed of four presentations by women who are senior FLS academics.